Healing Series (3)

I offered to dance for him. Which I have done for no one outside of the studio and stage. I will dance at home with my kids, but I feel no pressure around them. The offer to dance was both an act of burgeoning confidence as well as an attempt to show off and seduce. Each time I offered, he said no. I never quite understood. When this sculpture came to mind it was founded on several thoughts. This was a position in a new dance that we were learning. During this part of the dance, I would get repeatedly complimented by my teacher. I knew it was because I felt the movement, so that it flowed from me with strength. This recognition from my teacher in turn gave me more confidence. This was a position of coming into my personal power. And because of the in your face confidence she bears, it was “Gotcha. I seduced you, after all.”

~ Kaja Montgomery