Separation Series (7)

The idea for this sculpture came 2 years ago. I was driving home alone, again, from my Mom’s. I was passing by my local library with my window down. It was dark and a cool breeze was blowing through the car. I remember calling my Mom excited to tell her about my next sculpture. I struggled with the actual creating of it for a long time. Finally, a year after my separation I knew I could not be free until I completed this sculpture. This piece is about not only the freedom to be who you are but also the freedom to discover who you are. You cannot know yourself unless you are in a supportive environment. This period after the separation has been a process of getting to know myself. Who am I when my children are not with me? What have I attached to myself over the years that is no longer me? The woman in the sculpture is so powerful and so much in her element that the water curls around her body like a vine. As if she has called the water to her. And it obeyed.

~ Kaja Montgomery
August 3, 2014